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As a member of the Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce,
you receive exclusive access to...

  • Discounts and promotions through our Member to Member Benefits Program.

  • Free advertising on our website for events and job opportunities.

  • A free posting of your business contact information on our website.

  • A great opportunity to network with businesses, non-profit organizations, municipal representatives, and individuals from across the region.

  • Insight into upcoming events and current information.

  • Access to information regarding possible grant funding and/or business development or expansion.

  • An opportunity to participate in local campaigns helping improve our community.

  • Chamber membership cost can be deducted as a business expense for income tax purposes.

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Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

A program uniquely built for Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade members, providing unparalleled renewal stability. As the largest program of its kind, the Chambers Plan provides flexible and competitive pricing options that help you recruit and retain new members.

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A savings program that offers member’s savings up to 30% off the everyday public web price of Lenovo’s entire product line.

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Purolator offers Chamber members discounts starting at 25%
Purolator Express® and Purolator Ground® suite of services.

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A fuel discount ($0.035 per litre)—offered to the company and itsemployees—at all Canadian ESSO-branded service stations.

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First Data

With First Data, a leader in the electronic payment processing industry, we are ready to help you with preferred pricing and products tailored to suit your needs.


Johnson Inc.

Home, auto and travel insurance through Johnson Inc.

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BarterPay® is an organized bartering platform that helps businesses across Canada get the things they need without having to use money. Instead, they can pay for those things using their own goods & services!

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Grand & Toy

Save up to 25% off competitor pricing on everyday office supplies and workplace solutions, and over 30% on paper.

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Meridian Credit Union

 Exclusive banking offer that reduces costs and provides access to our wide array of solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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The CannEd course allows employers to validate the information was reviewed and tested, as well as provide a company-specific cannabis policy at work.

Want to take advantage of our member benefits?