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Help Keep The Noelville Police Detachment Open



Sign The Petition Here



The Sudbury East Chamber is joining in the campaign with the Sudbury East municipalities to advocate for the Noelville OPP station to remain open.  


 This is a very important matter that will affect every single person in the Sudbury East community.

Every minute counts

How will this affect you?

-Response time would be affected.  The closest station will be at least 45min away.   

-There will be a negative impact on our tourism industry and our economic development.  It will be difficult to attract new businesses or citizens. 

- This is the last detachment left in our area 

- There has been major growth in families in our areas since Covid.  This means more children in our schools and a greater demand for services, new businesses opening, etc. The population of the 6 municipalities (Markstay-Warren, Killarney, French River, St. Charles, Dokis First Nation and Henvy Inlet) is approximately 7,000.  With seasonal visitors: approximately 16,000!  This is not including unorganized townships or tourists that book lodges, campgrounds, Airbnb’s, etc.  




Sign the Petition

If you haven’t already, click the link to sign the petition electronically.  

Anyone who is a resident of Ontario can sign

Talk about It

Talk to your neighbors, family and friends.  Spread the word through social media.  Together we can make a difference.

Send an email

Speak out before they move out!  If your interested in sending an email, contact Jill at for details.


Take some time and look for stories and news articles online from other stations that have closed around us.   I've included links for a few news articles from 2016, 2020 and 2022.  

I encourage you to take a minute to read through them as they contain some interesting information on other closures that have already happened in our area and how quickly the rumors turned into a reality with very little warning.  

2016 Concerns were raised about the possible closure of the Manitowaning  OPP detachment

2020 Friday is the final day for the Manitowaning OPP office

2022 CBC News Noelville detachment closure



Thank you for taking a stand and joining in the campaign to


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