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There are so many reasons why you should consider being a member of the Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce. The cost of a membership is minimal and easily recoverable. A Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce membership is a valuable investment for any business or entrepreneur and is worth its price many times over. The Chamber could help you save money, promote your business and help it grow.

As a member of the Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce, you gain access to discounts on gas, advertising, office supplies and electronics, group health, property, and liability insurance, parcel post, merchant banking services, Bell Mobility Wireless Services, CAA membership, plus a free posting of your business contact information on our website, access to networking opportunities and events, and so many other benefits and discount opportunities. In addition, while helping to improve the local area, being a member of the Chamber of Commerce brings recognition and credibility to your business, which results in increased consumer confidence in your company.

It’s clear that the benefits far outweigh the cost of membership and the best part is that the fee is deductible as a business expense for income tax purposes! Our Members enjoy these remarkable benefits for an annual fee of only $124 + HST.

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Members Benefits

Free advertising on our website for events and job opportunities.

A great opportunity to network with businesses, non-profit organizations, municipal representatives, and individuals from across the region.

Access to information regarding possible grant funding and/or business development or expansion.

Chamber membership fee can be deducted as a business expense for income tax purposes.

A free posting of your business contact information on our website.

Insight into upcoming events and current information.

An opportunity to participate in local campaigns helping improve our community.

Exclusive member discounts tailored to benefit your bottom line. (seen below)

Did you know that the Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce is a preferred partner with Elavon? Elavon offers a powerful suite of payment solutions and flexible partner programs to help empower your success and accelerate your revenue growth. We provide next-day funding so you can better manage cash flow and business operations.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the things you need without using money?

BarterPay® is an organized bartering platform that helps businesses across Canada get the

things they need without having to use money. Instead, they can pay for those things using

their own goods & services!

So now, you as a business owner, can acquire some of the things you need and pay by issuing

your own goods and services to the network and keeping your hard-earned cash in the bank.


Get preferential pricing through Purolator's volume discounts program; enjoy discounts on our Purolator Express® and Purolator Ground® suite of services.   An exclusive offer for the Chamber of Commerce members. Get preferential pricing through Purolator's volume discounts program; enjoy discounts on our Purolator Express® and Purolator Ground® suite of services. Start saving up to 45%* on shipping!


A fuel discount ($0.035 per litre)—offered to the company and its employees—at all Canadian ESSO-branded service stations


The network's plan for its own members.  It's a program only available to participating members of local chambers.  It is not available without a membership


Provides businesses with easy and convenient ways to purchase products and solutions. With the Chamber’s purchasing power, members save on average up to 25% off competitor pricing, have access to fantastic paper prices, and receive preferred pricing on select categories including office supplies, coffee and tech accessories.


Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce is excited to introduce the SAVE Mobile Plans program for members and their employees.
Powered by Rogers, savings typically range from 20-40% on mobile costs. Try the Cost Calculator, enabling you to determine the exact cost for your new plan and new phone (some iPhones are $0 down).

How to Become a Member

Step by step


Fill out the registration form

Click the registration below and fill out the provided form


Create an Account

Click the login button in the top right corner to create your account with us! You will be granted access to a members-only area where you can pay for or renew your annual membership, as well as other services offered to you through the Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce!

The membership plan and other plans offered can be viewed through the "My Subscriptions" tab on your account.



Upon receiving your payment, membership will be activate!

Ready to become a member?

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact our Business Development Officer,  Jill D'Amour at or phone/text 249-879-9509

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