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Awards Ceremony

Business Award Nominations

Do you know a business or non-profit that has gone above and beyond this past year? With your nomination, we can celebrate their accomplishments. 

The Deadline for nominations is 11 pm on August 9, 2024. Awards will be given out on October 1st at the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting being held at the Backstreet Art Gallery.

Best Customer Experience

This award honors a small business that excels in providing outstanding customer service.  Nominees should demonstrate:

  • Constantly high levels of customer satisfaction

  • Effective and responsive communication with customers

  • Commitment to resolving customer issues promptly and effectively

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff

Community Impact Award

This award recognizes a small business that has made a significant positive impact on the local community. Nominees should demonstrate: 

  • Active involvement in community service and charitable activities

  • Initiative that improves the well-being of the community

  • Partnerships with local organizations or cause

  • Commitment to fostering a sense of community

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award honors an individual who has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. Nominees should demonstrate:

  • Innovative thinking and creativity in their business ventures

  • Significant business growth and financial performance

  • Leadership qualities and ability to inspire others

  • Contribution to the local community and economy

  • Adaptability and resilience in overcoming challenges

Family Owned Business of the Year

This award honors a family owned business that has demonstrated outstanding performance and contribution to the local community. Nominees should demonstrate:

  • Strong business growth and financial stability

  • Effective leadership and management by the family

  • Commitment to ethical business practices and integrity

  • Positive impact on the community through employment or service

  • Innovation and adaptability in business operations

Local Legend Award

This award honors a long standing business that has become a staple in the community through its history, service and impact Nominees should demonstrate:

  • Operated in the community for a significant number of years

  • Made notable contributions to the local community through involvement, sponsorships and charitable activities

  • Provides consistent high quality service

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